Positive changes in money and work

Lenormand Daily Reading: At last good news and more prosperity is going to be coming to you with regards to your financial status. I am being told that this is in relation to a new job offer or promotion you are about to receive; after feeling like your current work role is become a burden and you feel like you are ready for a new challenge. This positive change in both finances and work move will provide you with the stability and strength that you are currently looking for. The cards predict good things are coming!

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Time for Reflection

This is time for reflection, especially during this difficult period of time where a mature woman is spreading a lot of rumours and gossip about you and the situation you find yourself in in relation to your perceived love life. If you do not reflect and learn from the event at hand you will find yourself having problems navigating your way out of the current situation and it will continue to weigh heavy for the for seeable future.

Dreams are like rainbows

Daily Reading: 🔮 Now is the time to put aside and lay to rest any actions that are weighing you down or that you may not be proud of; especially around your work life. You may be more sensitive and believe people are talking behind your back but this is not driven by your past actions, it is driven by their jealousy. Those that are talking about you know you have the potential to succeed more than them in work and in life. Ignore the negativity around you and keep focused on your own work; success is just around the corner: have confidence in you and your abilities🔮

🙏🏻 Angel Message: Dreams are like rainbows; they are never-ending and full of surprises – dare to dream! 🙏🏻


Repetitive Behaviour

There is a man in your life (if you are a male this relates directly to you) who is in a state of repetitive behaviour, where life seems to be in a constant cycle, going round and round, repeating behaviours, mistakes and not seeming to get anywhere. However, this cycle is soon to change and some good news will be coming that will break this repetitive cycle. This repetitive cycle has been necessary to help them revolve; they should be reassured that this journey was necessary to help them evolve and was needed in for them to learn the necessary lessons and make the changes they need in order to succeed. Stay strong these changes will help them maximise their potential in the future!

Using Lenormand Cards, Oracle Cards, Scrying with the Crystal Ball and Crystals to get a reading


Be Cautious

Today’s Lenormand reading… be cautious as there are people around you who are not necessarily telling you the whole truth. This could make you progression through the day feel quite long and full of surprises, be cautious how you move through the day as not all your options will be safe or easy. But don’t worry if you need guidance seek advice from a male you are close with; whether that will be someone you look up to, a father figure or someone who you are in a relationship with as they will help you tread the right path and offer you the support you need to get you through the day.