Price List

Personal Spiritual & Intuitive Card Reading – £20

Using guidance from Angels, Spirit Guides and Universal Energy Intuition to interpret messages that come through the power of oracle and lenormand cards. This type of card reading can offer more spiritual intuition than that of the standard Tarot.

Can be done face-to-face or via Skype.

Property or Land Cleansing – £35

Clear up negative energy in your home, office or land. Through the use of dowsing crystals we can locate ley lines, negative and unwanted energy. These will then be cleansed through the power of crystals, light and positive spirit guides over the period of seven days.

Reiki Healing – £35

Liz has been practicing Usui Reiki since 2006. Liz uses palm healing to harness the power of the universe and transfer this to youl helping to encourage emotional and physical healing.

1 hour treatment

Crystal Dowsing and Spiritual Guidance – £20

Using our spiritual connection we can lead you on a journey of self discovery for answers to you questions and queries. Exploring areas of your life that need clarity and direction.

Life Coaching – £30

Assistance in utilising your talents, setting aims and to help you make, meet and succeed in achieving your life goals.

Each session last a minimum of 1 hour