The Universe wants to work for You

No matter what direction you want to go in you can sometimes feel that everything and everyone is against you. This can leave you feeling like you are all alone in the world; you can become ate up with anger and frustration at not being able to achieve what you want to achieve. Now is the time to surrender this anger and frustration. Now is the time to find your inner peace and strength. Some things are pre-planned by the universe and fate has other ideas for you. Stop struggling on your own and allow the Universe to work for you. Allow the Universe and all its power to help maximise your full potential. You are no longer alone!

Time to relax

Life can often seem like chaos. Running from one chore to another, work piling up or you trying to do everything while others are not pulling their fair share. Today is the day for you to relax. Today is the day for you to find your inner peace. Today is the day for you to recharge your energy. Take this time today to gather your strength so tomorrow you can walk out in to the world with love, compassion and confidence. You are an amazing person!

You are not alone

You are never alone. The universe is constantly sending you energy. Your Spirit Guides are constantly around. Your Angels are constantly watching over you. Trust your instincts this is the universe telling you that you are on the right path and you are protected.

Have Some Fun

Have fun! The more positive energy you put out in the universe the more positive energy you will receive in return! If you are seeing this today then be mindful that holding on to anger or negative thoughts will only slow your receipt of the positive energy the universe has in store for you. Take a deep breath, smile, laugh, forgive and most of all HAVE FUN!

You are Loved

If you see this post today it means that you are loved and appreciated. It may not always seem like it but the people close around you really do have your best intentions at heart. If you having difficulty with one person move beyond your anger and offer them an olive branch… you are filled with love now let that show and share your love and compassion with everyone.

Trust the love

Sometimes it can be easy to surround those close to us with too much love because we are frightened of losing them. This can make our loved ones feel suffocated. In order to make your relationships stronger sometimes it is necessary to give a little space. This will help your relationship grow and strengthen.

Equally sometimes we hold on to love because we are scared of being alone. You can’t force love for other people. Sometimes it is best to let go and see what happens.