Learn from Life

Allowing ourselves to take stock of what is happening in our life right now enables us to learn from our experiences and grow as a person.

We learn from our past experiences. We apply these lessons to our life as valuable assets. These assets allow us to be stronger for today and grow for tomorrow.

By reviewing our life today it will allow us to take steps to release the negative patterns of the past.

Take time by yourself today to ask Archangel Jeremiel to help you review where you have been on your life path, what you have learned and what patterns you are ready to release.

You have free will. Don’t allow people around you to control your life. Life your life to your fullest potential.

Look after yourself

As you are getting older you are starting to realise that your health is an issue at the moment and this needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. You already know that poor diet and lack of exercise is impacting on your wellbeing; take notice of the warning signs your body is trying to tell you that you can’t carry on. Stop deceiving yourself; your body is an important vessel. Your physical body holds and protects your soul and allows you to harness the powers of the Universe.

Look after your health. Look after your physical body. Look after your soul.

Stability in money

Finances are certainly playing an key role today. They have show up in both the Oracle Card reading this morning (see previous post) and here again in the Lenormand cards.

If you have seen both my posts today then these readings are certainly what the Universal Powers want to tell you.

Financial stability is coming to you; it is not going to come fast (so don’t expect a lottery win) but over the coming weeks and months you certainly will be more financially settled; bringing security to you and your loved ones.

If you are planning an expensive holiday or a house move now is the time to start making those plans to lay down your roots. Do not go spending just yet; plans and positive intention is what is required at the moment. Money will be coming your way but don’t spend it before you get it!

Wisdom vs Wealth

Today you are going to faced with a decision. A choice needs to be made about which path you go down. The cards I have drawn for you today will show you what each path has to offer you.

If you chose the first path you will be blessed with the knowledge and wisdom of the Universe. This will be a positive learning experience for you; you will pick up new skills, enhance your intuition and develop your self appreciation.

This is the path that could be right for you if you have made a recent mistake and a journey of learning would be beneficial so you do not repeat the same mistakes again.

If you chose the second path you may have long term abundance; but remember that sometimes we have to have a temporary sacrifice in order to gain our long term desires.

Money is naturally attracted towards appreciation and gratitude so use this path to raise your vibration and put positive energy out in to the Universe. You will reap what you sow.

Remember that abundance is not just about money; make sure you ask for plenty of love and friendship; otherwise all the money in the world will not bring you true happiness.

Love and Lust

If you are reading this today my spirit guides are telling me that you can soon expect to have some fun times over the coming days and weeks.

Sparks are going to start flying for you in relations to love and passion.

Either an existing romance that has recently lost its spark is going to reignite or new love will come bounding in to your life. Not only will this bring with it a new bounce of energy within you but will also bring new energy to your bedroom.

Now is the time for you to embrace your sexuality and reignite the flame of passion.

If you would like a full indepth reading for guidance or clarity about your love life or any other aspect of your life then please book using the link at the top of this page. Reading can be done face to face or via Skype or email.

Embrace Nature

Get outside every day this week.

Being outdoors helps recharge your spirit and boosts your internal universal energy.

Over the next few days you need to go outdoors and synchronize with Mother earth and the Universal heartbeat. This will help to improve you natural timings and will surround you with the energy to ensure you are in the right place at the right time.

While you are outdoors smell the flowers, hear the birds and watch the clouds. Just for this moment; live in the moment, forget your worries and stresses and breath in the positive energy that surrounds you.

Archangel Jophiel is with you to help you reconnect with nature and absorb its powers.

πŸ™πŸ»About Archangel JophielπŸ™πŸ»
– meaning Beauty of God
– Angel of Illumination
– Appears to bring bring light to darkness
– Patron Saint of Artists