Archangel Jophiel offers you Illumination

Your life is to be filled with light and universal energy. The Angels are sending this brilliant light to fill a space that was once filled with darkness. 

We are about to leave the darkness of winter and embrace the new light of spring. This is going to be a significant change for you and your life.

Illumination comes to you when you least expect it. In the darkness it is easy to lose sight of what you need to do. Archangel Jophiel can see that you have been lost in the dark but he is now ready to light your way and fill your life with insight and inspiration. You will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Take strength from knowing that without the darkness it is difficult for change to occur. The dark phases are important lessons to help us grow and strive for success in our life.

Now you are coming out of darkness all the colours of the universe are available for you to absorb and use. Take note of new ideas, inspiration and awakening. Now is the time to realise that you can create anything; answers are revealing themselves to you now.

About Archangel Jophiel: 

– meaning Beauty of God

– Angel of Illumination

– Appears to bring bring light to darkness

– Patron Saint of Artists